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Kind Words and Calcium

I love movies. They're my favorite. Sometimes I'll decide I need a day off, and by a day off I mean a couple of hours, and go all by myself and see a movie that I know my husband would never want to see. Or as he has titled them all "They Came To Talk". I also really like to like things, so it's hard to read reviews for movies because movie critics just don't seem to like things.

So this morning after I fired up my laptop and opened my email, I was greeted by an email from Rotten Tomatoes, a movie critic site, with the subject line "(This movie)is a muddled mess." Well thanks a lot, Rotten Tomatoes. I really wanted to see that movie. I mean, right outta the gate. Hadn't even taken my first sip of coffee and by coffee I mean Diet Coke.

A few years ago I saw an interview with Maya Angelou. She was talking about her kids and parenting and the challenges of it. She said that she found that when her kids entered the room, she immediately started critiquing them. "Is that what you're going to wear? Did you finish your homework? Did you clean your room?"

Psh. Wow. Imagine a mom doing THAT to her kids except that it's me and I do it. I did that. All the time. Didn't even know I was doing it until Ms. Angelou pointed it out about herself. She said she decided to change her tune so that whenever her kids walked into the room they were greeted with love and a kind word.

I decided I needed to do that too. I was really bad about finding every reason to send them back to their room to do something (brush your teeth) until they emerged gleaming and spotless. Hair in place. Clothes matching. Bed made.

Could you imagine if every time we approached God the Father He sent us back to our room to fix all the things He told us to do? "Did you balance your checkbook? Did you make peace with your husband? Did you remember not to compare yourself with all those other women on Pinterest and Facebook? You go right back to your room and do all those things before you come back in here and speak to me, you muddled mess."


So now, when my kids walk into the same room as me, I do my best to make sure they know they're welcome to be with me there. It's usually a goofy, over-the-top smile with an off-the-top-of-my head song about how great I think they are. (I catch my son singing the song I made up for him sometimes- "It's Graaaaham...and he's handsome..." He's adorable.)

I do the same thing for my husband, especially when he just comes home from work. It's not a goofy song and's a little more PG, if you know what I mean. ("Joey! We always know what you mean!")

Proverbs 16:24 says, "Kind words are like honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and health to the bones."

Kind words equal healthy bones (this is good news because we are not milk drinkers). Does your family need a big 'ole glass of calcium-rich kindness? I double-dog-dare you to take this challenge and find ways to bless each person in your family, or your co-workers, or the lady at the grocery store checkout with a word of encouragement the moment you see them. It just might change the tone of their day. And that might just change the world.

by Carrie