Skitzy Chicks

Perspective and a Bag of Groceries

There was an elderly gentleman named Earl who bagged groceries at the store near my home years ago and who took every opportunity to share God's simple truths. While sacking groceries this sweet gentleman would make small talk and ask the customers "how are you doing" to which they would politely respond, "fine, thank are you?".

Now the door had been opened to share the truth about the source of his joy, "Ma'am, I am truly blessed, not stressed because every morning that I wake is a gift from God and He promises to care for me...and He will care for you!" So simple. An introduction to God and the peace we can have in Him, all in the time it takes to separate the canned goods from the perishables.

I was humbled by the sincerity of this gentle man who was truly grateful for what he considered an abundant existence. He had his health, a roof over his head, and enough to eat which for him equaled a blessed life.

Sometimes, when my definition of blessing becomes a little worldly, I think of Earl and his wonderful perspective. I want others to see in me the joy and peace I have through Christ and I don't want to miss the opportunities to Earl, I'm gonna try this on for size.

I am truly blessed and not stressed because everyday I wake is a gift from God. He takes care of me and He will take care of you!

It fits. Thank You Earl.